Church Plant Masterclass help's you plant a church step by step.

God has called you to plant a church, we want to talk about each step, from fundraising, to building a large team, and launching large.

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Raise over $300k 

Find out step by step how to raise more than enough funds to launch strong.

Recruit 120 People Pre-Launch

Find out how to grow your pre-launch team with asks and start up parties that work.

Launch with Over 400 People

Find out how to market and launch your church over 400 people on your Grand Opening.

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Our classes will help you become proficient in the work of church planting. Check out our full curriculum below. 

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Jon-Michael Sherman has helped countless church planters succeed.

Meet Jon-Michael Sherman, he has successfully planted a large college ministry, planted an ARC/CMN church, started successful businesses and helped grow church plants past 400,1000, 5000 people. He has helped church planters launch large with grand openings of 400-900+ people. He continues to help the newest, largest, and fastest growing churches break growth barriers of 1k, 2k, and 5k people. He continues to financially invest in church planting networks and his company, Rocket Media, invites over 1 million people to church each month.

Randy Hahne Church Planter

"Jon-Michael helped us have a start-up party over 250 people, and a Launch Sunday of over 400 people. Thanks Jon-Michael!"

Mike Santiago

"We would not have launched our third location over 400 people without Jon-Michael Sherman. Our large launch is thanks to their digital marketing strategy."

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It's $6,000+ worth of Church Planting Training for only $19.99 per-month.

We are providing so much value and content, it will save you time, pain, and work. 

-How to Fundraise $300k

-Recruit 120+ People

-Launch over 400 People

-So much more...

The best part? If you complete this course and it doesn't help you, just reach out and we will give you your money back.  That is zero risk to you. 

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Many Church Plants Fail, Choose to Succeed.

There are so many pitfalls with church planting. You need to avoid them. Choosing the wrong venue, failing to raise enough capital, organizing your team incorrectly, failing to launch strong, and so many others. We are going to help you succeed and leave a legacy of faith. Why don't you get your first course for free now? 

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